A new foreperiod effect on single-trial phase coherence. Joaquin Rapela∗1,2, Marissa Westerfield1,3, Jeanne Townsend3 , and Scott Makeig1
Dynamic ntegration of Task-Relevant Visual Features in Posterior Parietal Cortex
Toward high performance, weakly invasive brain computer interfaces using selective visual attention David Rotermund,1 Udo A. Ernst,1 Sunita Mandon,2 Katja Taylor,2 Yulia Smiyukha,2 Andreas K. Kreiter,2 and Klaus R. Pawelzik1
Sensitivity of rat inferior colliculus neurons to frequency distributions
Uniting functional network topology and oscillations in the fronto-parietal single unit network of behaving primates
Correlation between Speed Perception and Neural Activity in the Middle Temporal Visual Area   Jing Liu and William T. Newsome
Prefrontal Neurons of Opposite Spatial Preference Display Distinct Target Selection Dynamics  
Structure of Spike Count Correlations Reveals Functional Interactions between Neurons in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Area 8a of Behaving Primates
High-frequency oscillations in human and monkey neocortex during the wake–sleep cycle  
Selection and Maintenance of Spatial Information by Frontal Eye Field Neurons  
Measuring directionality between neuronal oscillations of different frequencies  
Different coupling modes mediate cortical cross-frequency interactions Randolph F. Helfrich a,b,⁎, Christoph S. Herrmann c,d, Andreas K. Engel a,1, Till R. Schneider a,1
Direct Two-Dimensional Access to the Spatial Location of Covert Attention in Macaque Prefrontal Cortex  
Representational dynamics of object recognition: Feedforward and feedback information flows
Oscillatory phase modulates the timing of neuronal activations and resulting behavior W.G. Coon a,b , A. Gunduz a,c , P. Brunner a,d , A.L. Ritaccio d , B. Pesaran e , G. Schalk a,b,d,



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    Mini-symposium Held at IUST

    In July, 2017 we held a one-day mini-symposium at IUST, for the interchange of scientific expertise and findings between different projects of the our lab and external collaborating teams. The lectures were organized in two panels: Invited talks (given by principle investigators cooperating with our lab) and Project presentations (delivered by PhD students). Topics ranging all the way from the dynamics of neural coding in primate brain to computational approaches in modeling the neural system were covered through these lectures. Importantly we had the honor to host Dr. Fatemeh Bakouie (Shahid Beheshti University), Dr. Zeinab Fazlali (IPM School of Cognitive Sciences), Prof. Dr. Shahriyar Gharibzadeh (Amirkabir University of Technology) and Dr. Marzieh Zare (IPM School of Computer Sciences), to present their ongoing research lines in the symposium.
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    The surgery center has been launched in the Cognitive Neurobiology Lab

    We are pleased to announce that on Sep 2016, we launched a non-human primate surgery center in IPM School of Cognitive Sciences. The surgery room is equipped with the most modern equipment enabling primate neuroscientists to carry out the most sophisticated brain surgeries. These surgeries are aimed at implanting either fixation or neural implants. Facilities such as accurate human-level monitoring and anesthesia systems enable us to carry out surgeries with the highest standards of animal welfare.
  • F. Zareayan’s winning support to attend FENS 2016

    Fatemeh Zareayan won the prize to attend the 10th Forum of Neuroscience Conference to be held in Copenhagen July 2-6, 2016 from the Iranian Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Council

  • PhD defence

    "Moein Esghaei successfully defended his thesis at IPM. His thesis addressed the role of low frequency oscillatory activities of brain in the process of selective attention."